Lortab Abuse Help for College Students

Lortab abuse help for college students“It’s time to get the ‘high’ out of higher education,” stated Joseph A. Califano, Jr., a former Secretary of Health and the chairman of the National Center on Addiction and Substance Abuse (CASA). Califano was referencing a landmark CASA report that reveals that a quarter of all college students meet the medical criteria for substance addiction. Comparing findings to data collected 12 years earlier, the report reveals that prescription drug abuse had gone through the roof. The use of painkillers like Lortab rose 343 percent even as alcohol abuse remained level. The prescription drug epidemic has officially hit the college campus.

Dangers of Lortab Abuse in College

There are many reasons college students might take Lortab. Partiers use the drug to get high, and athletes use it to self-medicate or overmedicate pain or muscle recovery. Others use it to manage academic stress, insomnia, concentration problems or as a result of peer pressure. Whatever the reason, Lortab use invites a stubborn addiction with severe side effects.

Help for College Students with Lortab Abuse

The CASA report reveals another alarming statistic that 37 percent of students see a social stigma attached to addiction. This stigma is unfortunately rooted in ignorance. Many decades ago, mental illness was widely seen as a social problem, but we now know it is a medical issue. Similarly, the scientific community now recognizes addiction as a disease, a biological issue, yet society still sees it as a weakness or character flaw. The public is slowly being educated, but in the meantime, no college student should ever let society’s ignorance put him at risk. Lortab abuse can affect your body and mind, introduce conflict into your social circles and even cause a fatal overdose. Take the drug with other substances, and the dangers compound. The risks are too high to pander to other people’s ignorance.

Lortab Addiction Treatment for College Students

Whether the addiction took you by surprise or you’re researching ways to help a roommate, it’s important to know how a recovery facility can make the difference. Proper treatment includes the following benefits:

  • They will taper the drug out of your system for reduced withdrawal symptoms
  • Medically supervised detox that monitors your health
  • Behavioral therapies to recognize relapse triggers and break psychological dependence
  • Treat any co-occurring mood disorders like depression, anxiety or mania
  • Teach ways to avoid temptation in social settings

Help with Lortab Abuse

Our expert staff is available 24 hours a day. We can help you identify a drug problem, recommend recovery options and even see if your health insurance covers treatment. If you are calling for a friend, we can help you stage an intervention. Call our toll-free helpline today, and let us help.