Lortab Addiction and Malnutrition

Lortab Addiction and MalnutritionLortab, a combination of both hydrocodone and acetaminophen, is used to treat pain from an injury, accident, or genetic makeup. However, while it works its magic to stop physical pain, it can also cause side effects like disgestive issues and different appetities. If a lortab addict becomes malnourished, she needs professsional help before enduring serious consequences that may be irreversible.

Lortab Side Effects That Cause Malnutrition

If you abuse Lortab, you may suffer any of these problems that can cause malnutrition:

  • Constipation. As hydrocodone slows the body’s functions to alleviate pain, it in turn can cease bowel movement to cause constipation. This problem will not fix itself as long as the users take this drug, so there is great potential for bad nutrition in that users will not want to eat if their systems are backed up.
  • Nausea. Opioids are notorious for the nausea they cause both during and after use. This can be highly upsetting as it dominates users’ everyday lives. They cannot function normally as they are always concerned about upset stomachs. Just like with constipation, users who are nauseated will not eat the way they should, rather they might skip meals or eat food with insufficient nutrients.
  • Diarrhea. While Lortab can cause constipation, it can also cause diarrhea, depending on the user’s reaction. It can be difficult to maintain a normal diet while struggling with a constantly upset stomach, forcing the user to eat either very little or not at all. This can easily lead to diahrrea if a user is not careful.

A 2012 study based on FDA results show that, while there are cases of malnutrition in Lortab patients, the cases of this issue have gone down from recent years. For the 14,030 people who participated in this study, only 166 of them reported having malnutrition, with 56% of them being women. While this number is small, it is still significant enough to promote better treatment options for those needing to be prescribed pain medication. If you suffer addiction and malnutrition, there are ways you can get well.

Treatment for Lortab Addiction and Malnutrition

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