Lortab Addiction in the LGBT Community

Lortab addiction in the LGBT CommunityLortab is a prescription drug that treats moderate to moderately severe pain. It contains hydrocodone and acetaminophen to treat patients, but it is addictive to the relaxing calm produced by the hydrocodone. People in the LGBT community may abuse this drug to address their emotional issues, but drug addicts in this demographic can recover if they seek professional help.

Lortab in the LGBT Community

Many people abuse drugs to deal with emotional difficulties, because drugs provide a temporary escape from stress, problems and complicated relationships. This applies to people in the LGBT community who may abuse Lortab to deal with the following difficulties:

  • The fear of being found out—Many people in the LGBT have not publicized their sexuality due to fear of reprisal from others. Hiding this aspect of their identity leaves many LGBT people with anxiety as they wonder when or if others will discover and reject them.
  • Ongoing prejudices—While many pockets of American culture treat LGBT individuals with respect, the ongoing prejudice still remains. Day-to-day prejudicial treatment can cause a great deal of anxiety, stress and emotional trauma, and many LGBT people may abuse Lortab to deal with those emotions.
  • Insecurity about sexuality—Some people in the LGBT community lack confidence about their sexuality. They question their sexual identity and feel uncomfortable around others. This ambiguity is often uncomfortable, but Lortab can provide an escape from this.
  • Personal and cultural shame—Some people in the LGBT community must confront personal and cultural shame, because their sexual identity does not conform to religious or moral standards. This sense of shame can bring on deep turmoil about how to address both issues, so people may turn to Lortab to alleviate this turmoil.

In addition, Lortab addiction in the LGBT community may be a part of a larger problem of escalated drug use. Science Direct reported a study showing that lesbians and gays may be at risk for alcohol and drug abuse due to stress and the cultural importance of bars. Many in the LGBT community lack safe places to express their sexuality, so the local LGBT bar becomes that safe haven. However, a club environment also encourages high-risk behavior such as drug abuse, so users should seek help to maintain sobriety.

Lortab Addiction Help for LGBT People

If you are LGBT and struggle with Lortab addiction, know that we can help. Call our toll-free, 24 hour helpline anytime to talk with an addiction recovery specialist. With help you can determine the best options for your particular situation, and you can find treatment in a nonjudgmental environment that accepts the LGBT community. Don’t allow Lortab addiction to destroy your life; take the first step to recovery by calling us today.