Lortab Addiction in the Workplace

Lortab addiction in the workplaceLortab is an addictive prescription drug that is made from a combination of hydrocodone and acetaminophen. It is prescribed for moderate to severe pain. Lortab users with no history of drug or alcohol abuse may unknowingly develop an addiction within a few weeks. Users with a history of substance abuse may develop Lortab addiction even faster.

Lortab addiction may adversely affect the user’s career advancement as well as cause negativity in his or her work environment. Furthermore, addictions among employees cause companies to experience financial losses due to increased absenteeism, decreased productivity and frequent staff turnovers. Because Lortab addiction is a disease that cannot be conquered by willpower alone, seeking professional treatment for those struggling in your workplace is the most ideal and economic solution. Providing treatment for an employee is far less costly than hiring a new one. Hiring requires advertisements, interviews and training. It is almost always more cost effective to help current employees who are well trained but simply need some time to recover and recuperate.

Lortab addiction can be treated through a program from a drug rehab center. Depending on the severity of the addiction, employees may be able to participate in an outpatient program scheduled around their work. In drug rehab, patients are offered medical care as well as psychological treatment in order to address both the physical and mental components of addiction. Rehab patients learn to change the behaviors that led to compulsive drug abuse, as they cultivate a new lifestyle of sobriety. After a successful experience in rehab, employees return to work refreshed and rejuvenated.

Signs of Lortab Addiction in the Workplace

Though drug rehab offers a possible solution to Lortab addiction in the workplace, you may feel uncomfortable speaking with your employee about this possibility or may be unsure the individual really is struggling with Lortab addiction. The following signs and symptoms of Lortab addiction may include the following:

  • Frequent late arrivals, early departures, and absences
  • Frequent mood swings, especially just before or after a break
  • Abnormal changes in behavior
  • Isolated behavior
  • Rapid increases and decreases in productivity
  • Unexplainable financial difficulties
  • Unexpected changes in social circles

Lortab addiction can be difficult to detect, because these signs are similar to signs of other problems, such as inadequate pain management or mental health issue. But if your employee is demonstrating three or more of these signs, it may be wise to speak with them privately. However, when speaking with your employee, don’t jump to conclusions. Instead, gently ask questions about their life and daily struggles. If you offer a caring a sympathetic ear, they may openly express concern about their problem and willingly accept your help.

Need Help Finding Treatment for Lortab Addiction?

If you or a coworker is struggling with Lortab addiction, we can help. We offer treatment solutions to help people conquer Lortab addiction and regain stability and control. Our toll-free hotline is available 24/7, so call today and start the recovery process.