Lortab Outpatient Treatment

Lortab outpatient treatmentLortab, a combination of hydrocodone and acetaminophen, is a powerful pain-reliever because acetaminophen, more commonly known as Tylenol, increases the effects of hydrocodone. Lortab produces a soothing feeling of wellbeing, which can be intensified by abusing the drug. Methods of abuse include crushing the pills into powder to snort like cocaine or dissolving them in water to inject like heroin. Lortab is addictive and users may visit several doctors to obtain numerous prescriptions and maintain their compulsive habits. Lortab addicts risk the mental and physical damage from abusing narcotics, as well as damage from acetaminophen, which in large quantities, causes severe liver damage that eventually leads to liver failure.

Lortab addiction is a treatable disease, not a sign of weakness. Lortab addiction can be treated through the services of a rehab center. Though some Lortab addictions are severe enough to require long term residential rehab treatment, others can be effectively treated through outpatient treatment. This means that clients attend support meetings throughout the week, while continuing to attend work or school and live at home. Clients may also attend counseling and 12 step meetings.

Who Attends Outpatient Treatment for Lortab Addiction?

Lortab addiction can begin as innocently as a dentist appointment. The dentist prescribes Lortab for the pain after a root canal. Patients take home the pills and never conceive that within a few weeks they will develop a dependence that will soon turn to addiction. No one plans to develop Lortab addiction, and many people have obligations that they put before seeking treatment. Though addiction treatment is crucial for a person’s overall health and wellbeing, people with demanding careers cannot always risk requesting time off. Single mothers may not know someone reliable who is willing to care for their children. Many people are daunted by the idea of spending a month in rehab, where they are unable to attend work or look after their children.

Parents of young children, those devoted to their careers, and those with mild cases of Lortab addiction are the sort of people who can consider outpatient treatment. No matter what obligation keeps you from seeking help, outpatient treatment can provide a solution, by allowing you to build your recovery around your schedule.

People who have recently completed a rehab program and are looking to maintain their recovery may also attend outpatient treatment. These outpatient clients can provide valuable insight for those seeking recovery. One of the most valuable aspects of group therapy is the bonds of mutual understanding that develop among clients. In group therapy, clients are finally surrounded by people who understand their struggle. They no longer have to deal with the shame of hiding their condition but are able to freely express their needs for help and support.

Need Help Finding Outpatient Treatment for Lortab Addiction?

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