Lortab Relapse

Lortab relapseLortab is the brand name of a narcotic pain medication containing hydrocodone and acetaminophen. You may have heard of Lortab as a drug that is highly addictive. In fact, you may have heard of Lortab in the news, since many overdoses, auto accidents and crimes have occurred due to the abuse of Lortab and other addictive pain medicines. Lortab can so addictive that it may compel even the most rational people to continue to take the medicine even under the most unreasonable circumstances and not seek Lortab abuse help.

Understanding a Lortab addiction is essential to treating and avoiding Lortab relapse.

Lortab Addiction

First of all, how do you know you have a Lortab addiction? Consider these questions:

  • Do you need to take more and more of the drug in order to maintain desired effects?
  • Do you need to continue to take Lortab to ward off withdrawal symptoms such as nausea, trembling, irritability or uneasiness?
  • Do you take Lortab even when you know you shouldn’t?
  • Do you find your thoughts constantly being drawn to Lortab and other
    medicines, and are you avoiding things you once loved?

Even if you have suffered these symptoms and were treated for Lortab addiction, there is no guarantee that the cravings will go away completely. In fact, most psychologists now agree that most individuals who have suffered from an addiction will relapse at one time or another. Reputable treatment programs have staff who understand the dynamics related to relapse and are trained to help treat it and prevent it from happening again.

Most of us know that breaking an addiction is a very tough job. Even the strongest, smartest individuals are prone to relapse. If you or your loved one is experiencing relapse, you are
not aloneHow to Avoid Lortab Relapse

If only there were a manual that would tell you definite ways to avoid relapse! The truth is that every individual addiction is different and unique. The key to avoiding a Lortab relapse is to be aware of yourself, your triggers, and what caused you to use or become addicted in the first place. Going through counseling with a trained therapist or support group can help you uncover your triggers. By becoming aware of your reasons for using, you can be better prepared to reach out for help when you need it. By forming a support network while you are feeling stronger and in control, you will have someone to help when the times are tough.

If you need to speak with someone right now, we offer a toll-free helpline to assist you in avoiding or getting treatment for Lortab relapse.

Lortab Relapse Help

If you have already relapsed and have taken Lortab or another pain medicine, don’t panic. It’s okay to relapse. Sounds strange, doesn’t it?  But here is the key: while relapse does happen, what truly matters is how you handle your relapse. Will you continue to slide back into old habits, or have you experienced enough of the pain of addiction to reach out and stop the cycle?

If you need to speak with someone now, no matter what time of day it is, please call our free number to speak with a trained counselor. You can call anonymously and speak with someone right now. We can answer any questions you may have about Lortab addiction, relapse treatment, and recovery solutions. Life is too short to waste on addiction—call us today.

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