Lortab Tolerance and Abuse

Lortab tolerance and abuseLortab is an analgesic opiate that is most frequently prescribed by doctors to treat mild to moderate pain. Lortab is a combination of acetaminophen and the opiate-derived hydrocodone. Hydrocodone gives Lortab its habit-forming potential. The possibility of developing a tolerance to Lortab is always a concern even when taking the drug as directed. When a person takes Lortab for an extended period of time, the body builds up a tolerance to the normal dose of the drug. This means that after several weeks or even days an individual will no longer feel the effects of Lortab when taking a normal dose. In order to feel the desired effects a person will need to take a larger dose of the drug. Tolerance will continue to build, as long as an individual uses Lortab. This creates a pattern of steady escalation in the amount of the drug taken. The progression of tolerance can be dangerous if left unchecked, as it can lead to the development of physical dependency and addiction.

The Relationship between Lortab Abuse and Tolerance

Lortab abuse involves taking the drug in any other amount or method than is prescribed by a doctor. This includes actions such as the following:

  • Taking a larger than prescribed dose
  • Ingesting Lortab by inhalation or injection
  • Taking Lortab without a prescription
  • Taking Lortab while abusing other substances such as alcohol

Abuse is often facilitated by the need to exceed a tolerance level to Lortab. In turn continued Lortab abuse steadily increases an individual’s tolerance to the drug. This creates a dangerous cycle that will inevitably lead to addiction. Any person who is currently using Lortab needs to be aware of the development of tolerance. Tolerance does not have to lead to physical dependency and addiction. If concerned users talk to doctors, they can find help ending Lortab use and exploring different medications or methods of pain management. If tolerance and abuse have already led to dependency or addiction, there is help available through quality rehab programs.

Get Lortab Tolerance and Abuse Help Today

If you fear that you have a problem with Lortab tolerance or abuse, do not wait any longer to get help. Tolerance and abuse only grow worse, as they are ignored. Call our toll-free helpline today. Our counselors can answer any questions you may have about how to get help for your problem. The phone call costs nothing, and we are here 24 hours a day to answer your call. Abusing Lortab can lead to addiction and serious physical and psychological health issues. Get help today, before it is too late.