Lortab Treatment Therapy

Lortab treatment therapyLortab relieves mild to severe pain through acetaminophen (the pain-reliever found in Tylenol) and hydrocodone. Hydrocodone, an opiate, can easily cause an addiction: patients who habitually use Lortab can develop a tolerance that requires them to take higher and higher doses in order to experience the same level of relief. Breaking an addiction to Lortab can be extremely unpleasant but possible if patients find the best treatment plan for themselves.

Lortab Detoxification Process

Any patient wishing to get Lortab addiction help must initially undergo detox, a difficult phase where patients cleanse their bodies of all traces of drugs. Patients find detox difficult because they experience a number of painful withdrawal symptoms. Withdrawal symptoms can peak anywhere from three to five days, lasting one to two weeks, depending on the level of addiction. For instance, if someone has been addicted for a month, his withdrawal symptoms will be weaker than those of someone who has been addicted for a year. However, withdrawal symptoms continually harass patients into relapse; learning some strategies against detox can assist your success.

First of all, quitting “cold turkey” rarely works. Many addicts mistakenly believe that with enough resolve and determination, they can overcome their addiction and simply quit. However, once horrible withdrawal symptoms settle in and endure for several days, many addicts relapse in order to end their suffering or continue functioning in daily life. Quitting abruptly exposes addicts to the full brunt of withdrawal, which can debilitate and agonize anyone unprepared. Do not approach detox unprepared.

Consulting your doctor or pharmacist can greatly prepare you for the time ahead. These medical professionals can help in two ways. One, they might be able to prescribe weaker drugs in diminishing doses in order to wean you off Lortab. This will minimize withdrawal symptoms, enabling you to continue performing daily tasks. Two, these professionals can steer you toward over-the-counter medications that will mitigate your withdrawal symptoms. Some medications conjure the opposite effect when treating withdrawal, but one of these specialists will help guide you to the best help.

The best help in detox is medically supervised. By admitting yourself to a medical facility to undergo detox, you will have 24-hour attention from a medically trained staff that not only severs all contact with drugs, but also can prescribe medication to carry you through detox. This process can require extended absence from work, but medically supervised detox boasts high numbers of success stories.

Lortab Rehabilitation Programs

Patients who stay off Lortab the longest, though, continue treatment after detox. Rather than preparing for detox, beating it, then calling it quits, patients who stay sober the longest pursue a number of counseling or therapy options that reinforce the lessons they learned in detox. In counseling or therapy, these patients confront the root causes of their addictions, enabling them to recognize and avoid potentially compromising situations in the future. Attending counseling or therapy after detox greatly boosts your chances of remaining sober for much longer.

Find Treatment Centers for Lortab Addiction

If you need help with detox or rehab options for Lortab addiction, we want to help. Our helpline is operated 24 hours a day and our phone number is toll-free. Call us today to begin reclaiming your life.

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