Lortab Use in Different Cultures

Lortab Use in Different CulturesLortab use varies widely between countries due to availability of street drugs, cultural acceptance of prescribed drugs and a history of strict or lenient laws pertaining to drug use. Countries with healthcare systems in place and a good economy often have a higher rate of Lortab use, as Lortab is available as a prescription painkiller and is relatively easy to acquire.

Lortab around the World

Lortab is only prescribed in a handful of European countries. Many European countries prescribe painkillers containing codeine instead of Lortab or other hydrocodone based drugs, because codeine is a weaker painkiller and may have less potential for abuse.

In places such as Australia and South America Lortab and other opiates are becoming more prevalent as drugs of abuse. Doctors prescribe these medications for pain relief, but accidental and intentional abuse is growing rapidly. The lack of a large heroin supply may be one reason Lortab and other prescription narcotics are more popular. In Russia codeine is available without a prescription and thus is abused more than Lortab or other hydrocodone medications. Illegal drugs are widely available in many parts of Russia which may also reduce the demand for Lortab.

Lortab Use in the United States

Lortab and other drugs containing hydrocodone are some of the most often abused opiates in the US. They are often involved in drug-related crimes and may be intentionally sought through doctor shopping, fake prescriptions and other methods.

Lortab abuse is rising throughout the country but is especially prevalent in the southeastern US. Kentucky, Tennessee, West Virginia and Alabama have all seen growing Lortab use. This may be due in part to a lack of heroin and other illegal drugs in rural areas and comparatively easy access to pharmacies. Tennessee may have one of the highest rates of Lortab abuse due to stricter drug prescription monitoring in coastal states, leading some Lortab users to cross state borders to fill prescriptions. Wealthier suburbs and communities tend to have a higher rate of Lortab abuse than urban areas where illegal street drugs are more common.

Lortab Use among Racial Minorities

Lortab is primarily abused by individuals claiming to be Caucasian, and few African Americans or other minorities abuse the drug. These communities are statistically lower income and may be more likely to abuse street drugs and to not have health insurance that will cover costly Lortab prescriptions. Lortab use has seen an increase in areas with large populations of Native Americans. These communities have had problems with alcohol and other substances of abuse in the past and may be more likely to use Lortab due to a genetic predisposition to addiction and to cultural acceptance of drug abuse.

Find Treatment for Lortab Addiction

If you are struggling with Lortab abuse, call us now. While Lortab may be more popular in certain communities, anyone can become addicted to Lortab. Call our toll-free 24 helpline to learn more about treatment options that can help you quit Lortab for good.