Lortab Use in Rural Areas

Lortab Use in Rural AreasCertain drugs gain popularity in rural locations due to their accessibility and reduced cost. Needing to drive to a city to access a drug increases the chances of getting caught and urban dealers often charge more than local dealers of more accessible drugs.

Difference in Rural and Urban Drug Use

The use of drugs can vary from city to city and from user to user. Included in the following are some of the examples on how rural drug use differs from urban drug use:

  • Availability of drugs
  • Quality of drugs
  • Quantity of drugs

When comparing rural and urban drug use, rural users often have a more limited variety of drugs they can use. Urban users often have a plethora of drugs to choose from that range in intensity. Addicts tend to purchase their drugs from the same individuals because they believe in the quality of that particular dealer’s drugs. In urban locations, drugs can exchange multiple hands and can be cut or mixed with miscellaneous or even dangerous substances. Rural dealers often buy from urban dealers, which means the product could be tainted. Usually the larger the city, the larger the quantity of merchandise you can buy. Lastly, drugs tend to cost more in larger cities when compared to rural locations.

How Does Your Location Impact Recovery?

Location can impact many aspects of addiction and recovery. Included in the following are some of the impacts location can have on addiction recovery:

  • Access to resources
  • Community support/resources
  • Limited availability

Because rural areas can often be remote, addicts may have little to no access to resources that city dwellers have available to them. Communities in urban locations may also lack resources and funding to help recovering addicts. Larger communities often have programs to help recovering addicts integrate back into the community. In rural areas, addiction specialists may be limited. This could affect the amount or the time that you can receive the proper help. Urban locations often have many different specialists that can help struggling addicts. Your location can ultimately impact your recovery; however, this should not stop an addict from receiving proper help.

Lortab Addiction Treatment

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