My Lortab Addiction Only Affects Me, Not Anyone Else

My Lortab Addiction Only Affects Me, Not Anyone ElseLortab addiction will corrupt the thought processes of addicted or dependent users. Even as the disease of addiction destroys a person’s health, relationships and overall quality of life, the addicted mind will provide any excuse necessary to keep the illness functioning. If you believe that your dependency on Lortab only affects you and no one else, the disease of addiction is directing your thoughts.

How Psychological Addiction to Lortab Works

Lortab is a name brand prescription painkiller comprised of the opiate hydrocodone and acetaminophen. Hydrocodone is a refined version of the same root drug that is in heroin and morphine. It blocks pain by binding to special receptors in the brain. It also blocks emotional distress and gives the user a feeling of euphoria when first used. The same part of the brain that experiences this high also manages a variety of psychological functions including the following:

  • Impulse control
  • Emotional response
  • Reinforcing behaviors (forming habits)
  • Forming and recalling memories
  • Handling stress and anxiety

The mind will use these psychological tools to perpetuate the disease and will create feelings of defensiveness, denial and justification in regards to addiction.

Your Addiction to Lortab Affects More Than Just You

Opiate addiction affects all areas of your life and bleeds into the lives of those closest to you. Relationships are strained by Lortab abuse. Family members worry about your safety, and they worry about enabling your addiction. They will feel guilty about your behavior and may believe your problem is their fault. If you have children, you run the very real risk of passing your addiction on to them as they watch you continue to abuse Lortab. Addiction is never an individual disease. It always causes pain and suffering to the people you love most.

Using Lortab that is not legitimately prescribed to you is a crime. Acquiring Lortab may begin with cheating on prescriptions or doctor shopping, and this may lead to purchasing drugs from illicit sources. The illegal drug trade is responsible for violence and crime, and your addiction feeds into this industry.

Find Freedom from Lortab Addiction

Freedom from Lortab addiction is possible with the right help. The most effective addiction recovery programs treat your entire disease. Medically supervised detox will help to relieve many of the harshest withdrawal symptoms, while various therapeutic techniques are employed to provide psychological healing. Lasting recovery is waiting for you.

If you are wrestling with an addiction to Lortab, stop making excuses and get the help you need. Call our toll-free helpline any time of day or night. Our specially trained addiction counselors will answer any questions and will help you find the recovery resources you need. You can get clean and stay clean. Call today.