Nature vs. Nurture – What Makes a Lortab Addict?

Lortab is an opiate-based painkiller that can be extremely addictive. Because of its addictive nature, many questions surround what makes a Lortab addict. However, doctors generally agree that addiction is caused by both natural, genetic factors and environmental causes.

Genetic Factors of Lortab Addiction

When we ask the question, nature vs. nurture, we are really asking whether an individual is genetically predisposed to be a drug addict, or whether their environment caused them to use drugs.

Genetics usually play a 50% role in someone developing a Lortab addiction. While it is unclear which specific genes make an individual predisposed to becoming an addict, we do know that individuals whose parents are addicted to drugs or alcohol are more like to abuse substances themselves.

Environmental Factors of Lortab Addiction

An individual’s living situation, social interactions, behaviors, and friends and family all influence her environment, and can play a role in whether or not an individual develops a drug addiction. The following environmental factors may trigger substance abuse:

  • Stress: Stress is prevalent in everyone’s life, but for those who are already genetically predisposed to addiction, it can be a catalyst for the beginning of an addiction. An individual may turn to Lortab as a way to manage stress, and instead end up addicted to it.
  • Trauma: Trauma, such as loss or abuse, can prompt a Lortab addiction as a means to cope with a negative experience. A Lortab user might feel that drug use will drown out the emotional pain of their trauma.
  • Living environment: Both the environment that a user was raised in and where they currently reside can act as a trigger for a Lortab addiction. Those who have addictions are more likely to have had a chaotic childhood with little to no emotional or physical stability. They are also more likely to currently live in an environment that is not beneficial to them and their overall well-being.
  • Relationships: Studies show that many Lortab users (and other substance users as well) have either had or have a negative relationship with someone close to them. Often times it is a challenged relationship with a parent, sibling, or significant other that prompts someone to use as a means of escaping his or her troubles with family.

Nobody wakes up and says ‘I am going to become an addict today.’ Addiction is a slow progression of both genetic and environmental factors culminating in a physical and psychological dependency on a drug like Lortab. The most effective way to prevent an addiction is to learn how to cope with difficult times, manage stress well, and work on close relationships so you don’t have to turn to drugs to numb your painful emotions.

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