Physical Complications of Abusing Lortab

Physical Complications of Abusing Lortab

Respiratory distress is one of the complications of Lortab abuse

Lortab is a commonly prescribed narcotic painkiller comprised of hydrocodone and acetaminophen. When used as prescribed, Lortab can be both incredibly helpful in alleviating pain, as well as easy to use without experiencing dependency issues. However, when misused, Lortab can quickly become highly addictive, primarily because of its hydrocodone component. Once addiction has developed, an individual will likely begin experiencing both psychological and physical complications of abuse.

Physical Complications of Abusing Lortab

Without a doubt, the abuse of Lortab is highly dangerous to a person’s psychological health. A user may start to experience problems such as mood swings, anxiety, depression and more. In addition to these common psychological side effects, however, are dozens of physical complications. Some of the most common physical complications of abusing Lortab can include the following:

  • Respiratory distress – Because Lortab is a depressant, it can slow bodily systems and cause distress to the respiratory system such as hyperventilation and shallow breathing.
  • Problems with perception – The continued use of Lortab can cause the development of hallucinations, poor cognition and blurred thinking.
  • Feelings of “illness” – Since Lortab is so powerful, it can make a user begin to experience an overall sense of feeling “ill”. The most common symptoms that contribute to this feeling are weakness, stomach pain, clammy skin, dizziness and nausea.

In addition to respiratory distress, problems with perception and a general sense of feeling ill, those who abuse Lortab are also likely to start seeing problems when it comes to their kidney function such as decreased urination, and muscle function, including spasms and twitches.

The Importance of Treating Lortab Abuse

Like any other form of abuse, Lortab abuse can cause serious and significant damage to an individual over time. Therefore, getting treatment at the first sign of abuse is ideal. If your loved one is abusing Lortab, make it a point to reach out for help immediately before more physical and psychological damage accrues. Call our toll-free, 24 hour helpline right now. Do not waste one more day abusing a drug that could kill you. Call us today for the help that you deserve.