Plastic Surgery and Lortab Addiction

Plastic Surgery and Lortab AddictionIndividuals who have plastic surgery may be prescribed medications before and after surgery is completed. Due to the pain caused by surgery, many doctors prescribe pain medications. These medications can be extremely addictive.

Plastic Surgery and Addiction

Surgery can cause stress and other strong emotions. The following are examples of how plastic surgery and addiction are related:

  • Due to the drastic changes surgery can result in, pain is likely to occur.  Doctors often prescribe a narcotic pain reliever to help alleviate the pain. These drugs can cause addiction.
  • The pain medications prescribed after surgery are known to create a euphoric feeling, and users often continue to chase this feeling after the pain is gone.
  • Users may be completely unsatisfied with their after surgery results.  Because of these unsatisfactory results, individuals may continue to use drugs to help alleviate these feelings.

Plastic surgery can lead to drug use and eventually drug addiction.

Addiction before or after Surgery

Addiction can occur before or after any kind of surgery.  The following are some reasons why drug addiction occurs before and after surgery:

  • Drugs are used to treat pre-existing conditions.
  • Drugs are used to alleviate pain.
  • Drugs are used for their euphoric effects.

Addictions can occur before surgery due to pre-existing medical conditions.  This surgery may not be the first plastic surgery an individual has gone through. Thus, the individual may already be addicted to medications he or she was prescribed for the other surgery. In addition, injuries of any kind can cause an individual to look for pain relief. Drugs may be used to alleviate pain caused by injuries before surgery or pain caused by the surgery itself. If plastic surgery causes individuals immense pain, they may be prescribed a narcotic pain reliever. Thus, they may slowly begin to find themselves addicted to the medication they were prescribed. Users may also become addicted to the euphoric feeling the medication produces.

Lortab Addiction Recovery

If you or someone you know is addicted to Lortab, please call our toll-free helpline today.  Our counselors are available 24 hours a day to answer your addiction questions and help you find the best treatment possible.  One call today can change tomorrow.