Preventing a Lortab Addiction from Getting Worse

Preventing a Lortab Addiction from Getting WorseAddiction to Lortab can easily get worse and cause potentially life-threatening consequences if it remains improperly treated. Stopping an addiction can be a process that needs professional attention. Stopping the use of Lortab suddenly can cause painful withdrawal symptoms. Some things to consider that may help begin the process of ending addiction include the following:

  • Remove negative influences and other people who use drugs from your life
  • Ask a reliable friend who is drug free to help keep you accountable and support you with the overall process of ending addiction
  • Get involved with a local support group
  • Find alternative healthy activities that can replace drug use

Once you decide you want to quit using Lortab, you may also want to seek professional rehabilitation treatment.

Professional Treatment for Lortab Addiction

Severe Lortab addiction often requires professional treatment at a licensed rehab facility. Professional treatment at an in-patient program will provide the fastest and safest way of immediately stopping addiction. Treatment will also provide aftercare support to ensure continued sobriety once treatment has been completed. Professional treatment is critical to preventing a Lortab addiction from getting worse because it will offer the following:

  • Identification of drug use triggers – Professional therapy in treatment can help addicts identify drug use triggers such as certain people, places, things, events, activities, emotions, dates and times. These certain triggers can cause a person to want to use drugs and by identifying them, a person can learn to avoid them. Therapy can also help addicts develop the skills to avoid these triggers as well engage in alternative coping methods.
  • Education – Treatment offers a wide variety of education to teach addicts about the specific dangers that certain drugs such as Lortab can have on their minds and bodies.
  • Behavioral therapy – Behavioral therapy in treatment can help addicts identify certain behaviors and ways of thinking that influenced and encouraged their addiction. This treatment will help a person identify relapse warning signs such as behaviors and attitudes that may lead to drug use. By identifying these warning signs and learning alternative coping skills, a person has a greater chance of preventing relapse and ending addiction for good.

Ending Lortab addiction without professional treatment is often unlikely. Having the support and knowledge of numerous experienced and professional staff members at a licensed rehab facility is the safest way to prevent a person from hitting rock bottom.

Need Help Finding Treatment for Lortab Addiction?

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