Replacing Lortab Abuse with a Healthy Activity

Replacing Lortab Abuse with a Healthy ActivityIdle hands are the devil’s playthings, which is the case with Lortab abuse: to hold down a stable recovery, users must fill the void of time left by drug abuse with more engaging and productive habits.

What Is Lortab?

Lortab is the brand name for a semi-synthetic opioid known as hydrocodone that is mixed with acetaminophen. Hydrocodone is a highly addictive drug, so Lortab is as well. For people who experience intense pain, this drug is a helpful option, but one that can create dependence.

Recognizing the Need for Lortab Addiction Help

The first step in replacing Lortab abuse with healthy activity is admitting that drug abuse must stop. Once you admit this problem, then you can replace drug habits with healthier options. To get and stay clean from drugs, find a good treatment program, support system and the motivation to stop addiction.

Replacing Lortab Abuse with Healthier Options

Addict put considerable time and energy into acquiring and taking drugs, which means they forgo many activities to become addicts. As a result, you suddenly find much more time and energy when you kick the habit, so you must find ways to distract yourself during recovery or else you encourage relapse. Furthermore, idleness in addiction recovery might encourage other bad habits, like replacing one addiction with another. An important step in recovery is dealing with newfound energy: when you get down, bored or crave Lortab, recognize the unhealthy craving and go do something else. Make sure distracting activities are healthy and engaging, like reading books or playing instruments.

One of the most surefire ways to replace addiction is through rigorous exercise. Although the task may seem daunting, consistent routines of aerobics will create addictions to physical activity. The body will become habituated to exercise, so it will release natural, healthy hormones during exercise. In addition, exercise lowers the risk of various illnesses, promotes longevity and even addresses depression better than pharmaceutical drugs can.

Staying Off Lortab

Whatever activity you choose, develop a healthy outlet for energy. If you avoid new, exciting activities, then you will only slide back into old habits. Instead of letting options come to you, go out and grab them. Look for new hobbies and people to engage. Life can provide a deeper sense of satisfaction than opioids can, so forget about the short term, look to the future and focus on recovery.

Help Quitting Lortab

If you are a struggling Lortab addict, then seek help. Our admissions coordinators are available 24 hours a day on a toll-free helpline, so call now for instant help.