Secret Lortab Addiction

Secret lortab addictionThe prescription painkiller Lortab is a combination of hydrocodone and acetaminophen that can effectively treat pain but also has the potential to cause addiction. Lortab not only helps to ease pain but it also produces feelings of euphoria and wellbeing which contribute greatly to its addictive nature. In addition to this, users develop a tolerance to Lortab, requiring increasingly greater doses in order to achieve the effects needed or desired. This can quickly lead to physical dependence and psychological addiction, often accidentally. An unintentional addiction can cause a person to feel shame or denial and attempt to keep the addiction a secret. However, Lortab addiction is a serious problem that will require the help of others, so it is necessary to bring the addiction out into the open in order to get the needed aid.

How Secret Lorazepam Addiction Develops

Because Lortab is a legal prescription drug it is often seen as harmless and its addictive dangers go unrecognized. A Lortab user may begin to take greater or more frequent doses than what was prescribed resulting in dependency. What may begin as a legitimate medical treatment can turn into a dangerous addiction. An addicted person may feel isolated and become obsessed with getting more Lortab, causing a person to lie or steal in order to possess the drug and cover up its use. Those addicted to Lortab will commonly tell stories about how a prescription was lost or stolen or see multiple doctors in order to keep a Lortab supply well-stocked. Lortab’s chemical effects on the brain frequently cause an addicted person to think irrationally and display uncharacteristic behaviors. It will begin to damage every aspect of that person’s life and relationships and, without treatment, can be fatal.

Why Secret Lortab Addiction Is Dangerous

Lortab is a narcotic drug that should be taken only as prescribed. Over-use can have serious health effects, especially if it is combined with other drugs or alcohol. One of the biggest risks associated with Lortab overuse is liver disease because of Lortab’s acetaminophen content. There are also many interactions with other drugs such as MAO inhibitors and tricyclic antidepressants which can result in respiratory failure and potentially even death.

Why You Need Help with Lortab Addiction Recovery

It is almost impossible to recover from Lortab addiction without help. It is necessary to have a support system of people surrounding you to encourage you and hold you accountable. It is also necessary to receive professional treatment to provide you with the tools you need to get clean and stay that way for a lifetime. Those who undergo treatment are significantly more likely to remain clean than those who do not. Treatment might include counseling, therapy, support group attendance, detox and other individualized elements targeted not only at treating the addiction but also at improving your way of life.

Those with a severe addiction may require intensive inpatient treatment, while others may need counseling and detox support at an outpatient center. Both of these options are often covered by your insurance. However, the first step in getting treatment is getting help, so please tell someone about your addiction and begin the road to recovery.

Do You Need Secret Lortab Addiction Help?

Are you struggling with an addiction to Lortab that you’re trying to keep secret? Please call our toll-free helpline and get the support you need to come clean. Our counselors are available 24 hours a day so call now.