Signs and Symptoms of Lortab Addiction

Signs and Symptoms of Lortab AddictionLortab is becoming one of the most widely abused drugs in the U.S. Lortab is a narcotic that can cause a soothing feeling similar to heroin or morphine – and despite it’s beneficial use for pain relief, it can easily become highly addictive. Many doctors believe that a Lortab addiction can be formed within one to four weeks when on a higher dosage. Common signs of addiction include going through Lortab prescriptions too quickly, “doctor shopping” to obtain more of the drug, and secluded behavior.

Do I Have a Lortab Addiction?

If you have a Lortab addiction you have intense cravings for it. You are continuously thinking about using the drug and when you stop using it, you experience unpleasant physical reactions. You may also be experiencing the following signs and symptoms:

  • Thinking that you need Lortab to deal with your problems
  • Going through your Lortab prescriptions too quickly
  • Attempting to stop using Lortab and failing
  • Doing uncharacteristic things to obtain Lortab, like stealing
  • Practicing “doctor shopping,” visiting multiple doctors to obtain more than one prescription

If you suspect that a loved one may have an addiction to Lortab, look for the following signs and symptoms:

  • Dishonest behavior such as stealing or lying
  • A lack of money that can’t be explained
  • Secluding and isolating oneself from other people
  • A sudden change in social circle, replacing old friends with new ones
  • Unexplained changes in mood and behavior

There are also physical signs to an addiction to Lortab but they are very hard to distinguish from Lortab dependence, which occurs with most individuals who you use Lortab long-term.

Is it a Lortab Addiction or Could It Be Something Else?

Some cases of addiction are not quite as obvious as others. Signs and symptoms of a Lortab addiction can be hard to differentiate from other problems, such as inadequate pain control and mental illness.

When physical pain is not adequately controlled, it is possible to mimic signs of a Lortab addiction. For example, if your pain medication is not strong enough to treat your pain, you may go through your Lortab prescription too quickly, feel urgent in getting more, or display unusual changes in behavior due to the pain. If you feel like your pain is not adequately treated by your prescription, talk with your doctor. Mental illness can also cause symptoms that may look similar to symptoms of a Lortab addiction. If you think you may have a mental illness, seek help from your doctor.

Lortab Abuse Help

Although a Lortab addiction can be difficult to break, it is not impossible. If you or a loved one may need Lortab abuse help, do not hesitate to call our toll free number. We are available 24 hours today to help you find hope and freedom from your Lortab addiction.

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