Six Excuses People Make When They Are Addicted to Lortab

Six Excuses People Make When They Are Addicted to LortabExcuses have always been an obstacle to recovering from addiction. They can range from denying the substance abuse to blaming other circumstances or people for it. Whatever the excuses might be, and however viable they might seem, excuses for addiction should never stop drug users from getting treatment.

Lortab is a combination painkiller. Its main ingredient is hydrocodone, an opioid commonly used to treat moderate to severe or even chronic pain. Lortab addiction can trigger dangerous consequences, and it is potentially fatal in the case of an untreated overdose. Even when an addict is aware of the dangers of drug use, she might avoid Lortab rehab by giving any of the following excuses:

  • I can stop whenever I want – This excuse is considered a form of denying the problem. Since addiction is a compulsion that creates dependency, an addict might be unaware of how his brain is being affected, and he might be ignoring the obvious consequences of addiction.
  • Others do it and they are fine – No one can be truly fine while addicted to a drug. This mentality is especially dangerous, because it could lead to the use of stronger substances, such as illegal drugs.
  • It is not as bad as illegal drugs – Believing that prescription drugs are safer than illegal ones is a mistake. The possible side effects of abusing either type of drug are quite similar, and the withdrawal symptoms might also need medical attention. Dependence can develop just as quickly to either substance, and overdoses on prescription substances can be fatal.
  • It is the only way I can relax – Even though people might see drugs as an escape from everyday problems, in the end the results of addiction are always worse than life without drugs, and problems usually grow as a result of compulsive drug use.
  • I do not have the money to go to rehab – Nowadays many programs and governmental aids help addicts get the necessary treatment for addiction. Better deals can be found with the help of a counselor, and addicts should consider using their health insurance to attend Lortab rehab.
  • I do not have the time to go to rehab – Addiction is a disease, so, as time passes, it will only worsen. The worse addiction gets, the more difficult it will be to reverse its consequences and to recover from drug abuse. Expressing to helpful family and friends the desire to get better can create great benefits of rehab.

If your loved one uses any of these excuses, then seek help as soon as possible to begin recovery.

Overcoming the Excuses for Lortab Addiction

Information, education and professional help can break through the denial of drug addiction. Through our toll-free, 24 hour helpline, you can find practical assistance and advice for Lortab interventions, family counseling, insurance for rehab and all you need to recover from drug abuse. Our admissions coordinators are ready to receive your call right now, and all of our services are free of charge, so call now to begin recovery as soon as possible.