The Importance of Holding an Intervention for Lortab Use

The Importance of Holding an Intervention for Lortab UseAddiction is a disease with many components, including tolerance, dependence and withdrawal. Denial of the condition is also generally involved. It is often very difficult for addicts to see or admit the truth, so friends and family members of Lortab addicts may need to step in and hold an intervention.

Reasons to Confront Lortab Addiction

The following are some of the many reasons it is important to discuss Lortab addiction:

  • Lortab addiction is progressive. It does not tend to run its course like a cold does, rather the physical, emotional, social and financial consequences continue to mount. Furthermore, the risk of legal trouble continues to rise.
  • Lortab abuse changes users’ brains in a number of significant ways. Cognition and memory are often impaired, which makes it harder for users to connect drug use and its problems. It may take the intervention of friends and family members to help Lortab abusers see the connections.
  • Lortab addiction can have a number of serious health effects. Hormone levels often plummet, which leads to the loss of muscle and bone mass. Saliva levels are also lowered, which can increase the likelihood of cavities and tooth loss. Lortab users have more lung infections, and some experience permanent hearing loss. Severe liver damage is possible, and people using Lortab are also more likely to be in traffic accidents or to fall.
  • Lortab abuse can be fatal as the drug depresses the central nervous system, including the breathing response. Overdose can cause people to stop breathing.
  • Lortab addicts may be ready for change on some level, but they may not know how to get help. Before an intervention you should contact a treatment facility to arrange for treatment immediately after the meeting. This makes it easy for someone who is ready to begin the journey of recovery.
  • A professional interventionist can help the whole family, not just the addict. Although an intervention can be held without a professional, interventionists have the experience and perspective to help the entire family work more effectively. They can remove a great deal of stress from family members as they guide this important meeting.

If you want to help a loved one who abuses Lortab, reach out to us today.

Help Planning a Lortab Intervention

If you have questions about holding an intervention, we can answer them. Counselors who staff our 24 hour, toll-free helpline understand the issues and can help you find the solutions you need. They can check your insurance coverage for you at no cost or obligation, and they can identify all your treatment options. Call now and let us help you help your loved one.