Top Lortab Recovery Clinics

Top Lortab recovery clinicsLortab is a prescription narcotic that contains hydrocodone and acetaminophen. It is used to treat moderate to severe pain but has a high rate of tolerance and dependency. Those using Lortab to treat pain are often tempted to raise their dose as tolerance develops and Lortab no longer works as effectively. However, increasing dosage without consulting a doctor can lead to addiction.

Individuals using Lortab may believe they cannot function without the drug, although awareness of addiction typically does not occur until an individual misses a dose and begins to experience withdrawal. Lortab addiction can be devastating financially and emotionally. Top recovery clinics can provide the help necessary to overcome Lortab addiction. Top clinics hold themselves to higher standards and offer extensive and high-quality resources for the recovering Lortab user.

The Staff at Top Lortab Recovery Clinics

Top recovery clinics have higher ratios of staff to patients and the number of individuals accepted into a recovery program at a time is typically smaller. These factors allow for more individualized attention. Other staff on hand typically consists of recovering addicts who understand the needs and struggles of patients at recovery clinics.

Top recovery clinics hire the best professionals in the addiction field. Psychiatrists, psychologists, physicians, and highly trained therapists will monitor and treat patients. These individuals will have extensive knowledge of and experience with Lortab addiction and recovery. Professionals at top clinics are prepared to handle dual diagnosis cases, in which patients suffer from depression, anxiety problems, eating disorders, or other mental disorders in addition to addiction. They are willing to try progressive treatment options and are looking for new ways to help patients. The professional staff at top recovery clinics works towards furthering knowledge and understanding of addiction outside of the clinic as well as within.

Daily Life at Top Lortab Recovery Clinics

Top Lortab recovery clinics emphasize both physical and emotional health. Dieticians often create personalized menus for patients. Food is fresh and held to high standards of nutrition, and professional chefs may be brought in to prepare it. In addition to excellent meals, top recovery clinics are more likely to offer holistic services such as yoga, massage, acupuncture, and meditation. They emphasize the importance of exercise and typically have personal trainers available. Part of recovery is finding passions and ways to have fun that do not involve drugs. Lortab users often feel disconnected from or disinterested in activities and need to relearn how to enjoy themselves.

Daytrips and group activities may involve the following activities:

  • Going to movies
  • Shopping trips
  • Team sports
  • Kayaking
  • Snorkeling

Top recovery clinics may combine activities with therapy, offering resources such as equine-assisted therapy and rope courses that build trust and communication in Lortab users that may have found themselves detached from friends and family. Clinics rebuild interest in a sober and happy life.

Need Help Finding a Top Recovery Clinic for Lortab Addiction?

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