Treatment for Lortab Addiction and Mood Disorders

Treatment for Lortab addiction and mood disordersMany people suffering from Lortab addiction also suffer from mood disorders such as depression or mania. These disorders may have existed before addiction to Lortab and intensified with abuse or may have been produced as a side effect of Lortab use. Lortab affects your mood and brain processes and can cause you to experience mood disorders. Users who take the drug as a way to self-medicate preexisting mood disorders find that it leads to a worse condition than before. Even if you do not struggle with a co-occurring mood disorders, Lortab can cause you to act in ways you would not before drug use and can lead you to think thoughts that aren’t parallel with a normal mindset. Lortab can change your identity by causing you to view yourself differently and can have a negative impact on your life. There is treatment available for Lortab users, and these treatment options can help you live a life without Lortab.

Lortab Addiction Treatment for Users with Mood Disorders

The best Lortab addiction treatment will focus on both your addiction and your disorder. This type of treatment is often called Dual Diagnosis or integrated treatment, because it focuses on both issues at once instead of requiring users to attend separate treatment sessions run by separate teams of professionals. Integrated treatment is also more effective, because recovering users learn about links between their addiction and their mood disorder that are otherwise ignored.

Dual Diagnosis Treatment for Lortab Addiction

If you are suffering from a mood disorder along with Lortab addiction, we can help you find the addiction treatment you need. Call our 24 hour toll-free helpline, and start on the path to recovery today. We will direct you to a quality treatment center that meets your individual needs and wants and will address all co-occurring issues to help you feel like yourself again. Call us now, and let us help.