Unexpected Side Effects of Lortab Use

Unexpected Side Effects of Lortab Use

Breathing difficulties are a Lortab side effect

Lortab is a brand name of a prescription pain reliever given to users to treat mild to moderate pain. Like every drug, Lortab comes with its own set of side effects. Some side effects such as drowsiness and itchiness might be expected, but users may also experience side effects that are unexpected. Unexpected side effects of Lortab use can vary from harmless to fatal depending on the user and the dose. You should never take more Lortab than you are prescribed, and you should never take Lortab without a prescription.

Lortab Can Cause Difficulty Breathing

In high doses, Lortab can cause users to experience difficulty breathing and respiratory depression. Some users react adversely to the combination of hydrocodone and acetaminophen and can experience difficulty breathing even when taking a prescribed dose. Trouble breathing while under the influence of Lortab is a major incident and if you experience this side effect you should immediately seek medical attention. Respiratory depression after taking Lortab could be a sign of a possible Lortab overdose and can be fatal if left untreated. If you or someone you know is experiencing trouble breathing after taking Lortab, immediately call 911.

Other Signs of Lortab Overdose

Many of the unexpected side effects a user can experience as a result of Lortab use are signs of possible Lortab overdose. If you experience unconsciousness or extreme drowsiness while using Lortab you should also seek medical help. Passing out or falling asleep after taking a high dose of Lortab could result in death. Fatal Lortab overdose can occur when users take a high dose, fall asleep or pass out, and stop breathing while unconscious. Other signs of a potential Lortab overdose include vomiting blood, slow or irregular heartbeat, bloody urine, cold skin, or chest pain. If you or another user experiences any of these symptoms you should seek immediate medical attention.

Are You Suffering from Lortab Addiction?

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