What Happens in Lortab Rehab?

What happens in Lortab rehabLortab is an opiate drug prescribed to relieve moderate to severe pain. Lortab is one of the most widely used and abused drugs, and Lortab addiction affects many. Like many opiate drugs, Lortab addiction can be difficult to diagnose because use most likely began with a legitimate need and prescription. Since Lortab is an opiate derivate, successful Lortab rehab will consist of detox followed by emotional care and long-term support. Withdrawal symptoms are associated with the absence of the drug after chronic use, and may mimic the original symptoms for which Lortab was prescribed. This makes Lortab addiction very difficult to overcome on your own. If you suspect that you may be addicted to Lortab, talking with your doctor or another medical professional would be a good first step for your rehabilitation process.

Lortab Rehabilitation Begins with Initiative & Resolve

The word rehab can be scary, especially if you feel you need Lortab to function normally or to manage pain symptoms. These feelings often arise due to tolerance and physical dependency and do not reflect the reality of your situation. Discuss your feelings with a medical professional and determine if you have become addicted to Lortab. Even if you are taking the medication without a prescription, a doctor can be an invaluable resource. Once determining addiction, the most difficult part of your recovery will be cultivating the resolve to get clean. You can probably think of many reasons to keep taking Lortab, but the drug has little sympathy for its user, and a step toward recovery will always be worth the perceived cost.

What Does Lortab Rehabilitation Involve?

Because your body is physically addicted to Lortab, you will need to begin rehab with a detox process. Depending on the severity and nature of your addiction, this can be accomplished in a few days and will often include withdrawal symptoms. During this period it is recommended that you are under the supervision of a designated treatment center in either an outpatient or residential format to ensure safety and increase comfort.

After your body has been cleansed from the drug, a successful recovery will include education and accountability. Learning about the nature of your Lortab addiction and the abuse tendencies you have will help you to recover and provide protection against relapse. The most useful tool you have available to you during and after your recovery is other people. Though you may feel alone, you are not. Addiction professionals are available to support and encourage you, and other recovering Lortab users share and understand your struggles.

Need Help Finding Lortab Rehab?

If you or someone you love is addicted to Lortab, please contact our toll-free number today to find the Lortab treatment solutions you need. We are available 24 hours a day. Call now and get started on your path to recovery.