What Happens When Lortab Addicts Don’t Get Treatment?

What happens when lortab addicts don't get treatment?Lortab is a brand name painkiller containing the highly addictive opiate hydrocodone. It is frequently prescribed for moderate to serious pain relief, but if used regularly for chronic pain it is likely to create a dependency which, if not treated, will become a life-controlling habit. If Lortab addicts do not get treatment and their addiction is allowed to continue it will most certainly cause serious physical, psychological, financial and legal consequences. Lortab addiction can be fatal.

How Lortab Addiction Happens

Lortab blocks pain by binding to opiate receptors in the brain, blocking the transmission of certain signals in the nervous system. It also creates a rush of euphoria in the pleasure center of the brain. The combination of effects works extremely well for pain management, but also establishes at least two distinct forms of addiction to the drug. The presence of Lortab causes the body to stop producing its own supply of natural pain-regulating chemicals, meaning the body becomes physically dependent on the drug to even feel normal. A tolerance to the drug develops quickly, meaning the user will need higher or more frequent doses to achieve the same pain management and euphoria as the first dose.

The Progression of Lortab Addiction

Lortab users will experience a dependency relatively early in the process. This means that when the drug is not in their system they will experience symptoms of withdrawal. If patients notice this dependency and deal with it early it will much more manageable than if it is allowed to continue. Because most Lortab addiction starts with a legitimate prescription for pain relief, it can be difficult for users to comprehend that they have a problem. They may think that drug abuse is for reckless irresponsible people and certainly not them. Thus the first phase of the disease is usually denial or ignorance.

As tolerance for the drug builds, users require more of the drug, and they need to take more than prescribed to feel the same level of relief. From this point the progression toward full addiction is rapid. The psychological aspect of the disease will keep them from admitting that they have a problem. Some signs of Lortab addiction include the following

  • Dishonesty about use of Lortab
  • Taking more than prescribed or taking it for a longer time than instructed
  • Dishonesty including “doctor shopping” and prescription manipulation
  • Defensiveness when approached by loved ones or health care providers

The Importance of Lortab Addiction Treatment

Many people who realize they have a Lortab problem will try to quit on their own. Unfortunately, very few will be successful. The highest likelihood of long-term recovery comes through medically supervised detox along with holistic rehab and careful diagnosis of any co-occurring psychological disorders that may be contributing to the addiction. This is best accomplished in specially designed treatment centers. Individualized treatment plans are custom-designed for each patient and all due care and attention is given to them in relaxing, health-focused environments.

Get Help for Lortab Addiction Now

If you are concerned about your use of, or growing dependence on, Lortab, seek help today. There is no shame in asking for help. Our toll-free helpline is open 24 hours a day, and our specially trained addiction experts can answer any questions you may have. We can help confirm insurance coverage of treatment and even help you make arrangements to get help as soon as you like. Don’t waste another day as a slave to Lortab. Make the call today and let us help you find a future free of Lortab.