What If Lortab Rehab Isn’t for Me?

What If Lortab Rehab Isn't for Me?When contemplating a new experience, it’s normal to have questions and concerns. Considering whether or not to attend rehab for Lortab addiction is no different. People are likely to wonder if it will work for them or if the experience will be unpleasant. When deciding whether to pursue addiction treatment, there are a number of things to keep in mind.

Truths about Lortab Addiction and Rehab

  • Addiction isn’t likely to resolve without help.
    There are some medical conditions, like a cold or the flu, that tend to resolve on their own after a limited amount of time. Other conditions, like Lortab addiction, generally need to be addressed by a knowledgeable professional in order to improve. The alternative to rehab is continuing and worsening addiction.
  • You won’t know if it’s for you unless you try.
    Although there are things you can learn about rehab before you go, no one can tell you what sort of experience you’ll have. Everyone’s journey is unique.
  • Rehab isn’t jail.
    Unless rehab has been mandated by a judge or another legal authority, people are free to leave if they aren’t happy. Despite the fact that treatment effectiveness is directly related to time spent in rehab, no one will hold you against your will. Likewise, no one will force you into a specific treatment modality. Rehab professionals are simply there to teach and guide you on your journey.
  • If one option isn’t a good fit, there are many others.
    Rehab centers aren’t all the same. They vary in many ways, including philosophies, staff, and programs. A negative experience with one program doesn’t mean you won’t have a positive experience with another. A quality treatment center will tailor a program to fit your individual needs.
  • Addiction treatment is effective.
    Sometimes people are afraid that addiction treatment will be a waste of their time. It’s true that relapse after addiction treatment isn’t uncommon, but the relapse rates are similar to those of other chronic conditions like heart disease and diabetes. People who are committed to working at recovery use relapses as learning experiences. Relapses don’t mean that treatment will not be ultimately successful.
  • All sorts of people attend rehab.
    Sometimes people are afraid that they won’t “fit” in a treatment environment and won’t feel comfortable with the people there. Addiction, however, doesn’t discriminate, and anyone can be affected. It’s likely that you’ll have things in common with many of the people attending rehab when you do.

Lortab Rehabilitation Help

If you’re ready to face your Lortab addiction and give rehab a chance, call our toll free, 24 hour helpline and let our knowledgeable phone counselors answer your questions and address your concerns. The helpline is staffed around the clock and the counselors can even check your insurance coverage, if you wish, at no cost or obligation. You can overcome Lortab addiction, and we can help. Call today.