What Using Lortab Takes Away from You

What Using Lortab Takes Away from YouAbuse of the drug Lortab has increased dramatically in recent years. Lortab is a semi-synthetic narcotic pain reliever made up of two ingredients, hydrocodone and acetaminophen, and is available only through prescription. Because it contains hydrocodone, it produces effects similar to the highly addictive narcotic heroin. Most people taking Lortab as directed for a short period of time do not experience any problems; however, there have been patients that have complained of serious withdrawal symptoms after using Lortab for as little as one week. It is relatively easy to obtain Lortab, which also increases the opportunity for abuse.

Lortab Can Destroy Your Health

There are many side effects associated with Lortab abuse that range from weakness and stomach pain to hearing loss and itching. Lortab addiction can also have an impact on your mental health and may trigger or exacerbate an existing mental illness, such as depression. Also, the danger of a potentially deadly overdose is always present when an individual is addicted to a drug such as Lortab. That danger increases dramatically when Lortab is combined with alcohol or other drugs.

Lortab Can Lead to Criminal Behavior

Addiction impacts every area of your life in a negative way. Strained or broken relationships with family members and friends are common. Addiction can drive an individual to do almost anything to obtain the drug they crave. If you have become involved in criminal activity in order to fuel your drug habit, your illegal activities will likely destroy your social standing with those closest to you. Drug addiction impacts your ability to think clearly, causing you to take risks and be involved in dangerous activities while under Lortab’s influence.

The control this drug has on your life may cause you to buy it illegally or even steal to get the money to buy it. Your ability to perform well at work or school may be seriously affected as well. Job loss and financial ruin are not uncommon consequences of Lortab addiction. The goals you have set for your life, whether educational or career-focused, may never be achieved if you continue to allow a drug like Lortab to control your life. Your behavior on drugs may even lead to violence that you would normally never be a part of. Continuing in addiction may also lead to homelessness either because you have been kicked out of your home or your finances render you unable to pay the rent or mortgage payment.

Professional Help Is Necessary to Overcome Lortab Addiction

Addiction is not only dangerous, but life threatening. The damage to your physical and mental health could be permanent. While overcoming Lortab addiction can be difficult, it can be done if an individual seeks help at a professional rehab facility. Drug treatment staff and medical professionals can make recovering from Lortab addiction a successful process. With the right help and support you can again lead a happy, drug-free life.