What’s the Average Length of Stay in Lortab Addiction Treatment?

What's the Average Length of Stay in Lortab Addiction Treatment?Lortab is a brand name for the drug hydrocodone, an opiate pain reliever that has the strength of morphine. Lortab is a drug that has the power to destroy lives. It is highly addictive, and abuse involves a strong possibility for overdose. Lortab is commonly used in the illegal drug scene and goes by street names like Norco and Vikes. When hydrocodone is prescribed by a doctor, alternate brand names like Lorcet or Vicodin might be used. Lortab is one of the most frequently prescribed prescription drugs.

How Lortab Addiction Occurs

Lortab addiction occurs when a user begins to misuse or abuse the drug. This misuse often occurs as a person grows increasingly tolerant to Lortab. Tolerance means that larger amounts of the drug are necessary to achieve the same pain-relieving effects.

Lortab is also abused recreationally due to the potent high it creates when used in combination with other drugs and alcohol. In the short term Lortab can create a euphoric feeling, but this feeling comes at a cost. Lortab often plays a role in overdoses.

It doesn’t matter if a person comes to an addiction through a medical prescription or illegal use, as once the addiction occurs, professional recovery help is needed. Long-term effects of Lortab abuse can include hearing loss and liver damage.

Recovering from Lortab Addiction

Detox from Lortab addiction usually takes several days with substantial and difficult withdrawal symptoms lasting 72 hours to a week. These symptoms can be quite serious, so medical supervision is strongly recommended. Ending Lortab use causes uncomfortable sensations that mimic a cold or flu, and it can also cause more concerning situations like seizures.

Recovering users should continue with rehab after completing the detox. There are many options when it comes to drug rehabilitation, and these options can seem overwhelming.

Outpatient recovery is an option that allows individuals to live at home while going through rehab. Support groups like Narcotics Anonymous can provide ongoing recovery support, but professional rehab treatment should come first.Inpatient recovery is typically recommendedfor Lortab users. An inpatient setting limits temptation and helps a person avoid relapse. Inpatient care also offers medical and psychological assistance around the clock. Different facilities provide different amenities or services, and there are recovery programs that will meet the specific needs of any individual.

The amount of time necessary for recovery varies depending upon the patient. Some are able to leave and return to their normal lives with 30 days, whereas others need a few months.

How We Can Help

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