When Using Lortab Becomes a Habit

When Using Lortab Becomes a HabitNo one wants to become an addict. People who begin experimenting with drugs like Lortab soon realize that it only takes a few uses before the addiction process begins. Lortab is a powerful opiate narcotic used to manage pain. The drug is both tolerance-building and habit-forming. These characteristics contribute to the drug’s addiction potential. Casual Lortab use can quickly turn into habitual use, and this will happen without warning.

Who Becomes a Habitual Lortab User?

It does not matter why a person is abusing Lortab, as the improper use of the drug will always cause a person to keep coming back to the drug. When Lortab use becomes habitual, use also becomes compulsive. A habitual user will believe he or she has control over drug use behavior will eventually realize that he or she is no longer able to stop themselves from using.

When Does Lortab Use Become a Problem?

People on the front end of an addiction may wonder what harm their drug use habit is causing. They may still feel like they have control over their habit and are able to continue on with little interference from the drug. However habitual and prolonged use of Lortab will only cause a user to crave more of the drug.

Once a person builds a tolerance to Lortab, he or she will need to start taking larger doses to feel the drug’s intended effects. When the body receives larger amounts of the drug, it becomes accustomed to the presence of the substance. The body then becomes reliant on the drug in order to feel normal or well. This is why people develop intense physical and psychological cravings for a drug. Their body has become dependent on the drug. When the body is without Lortab, a person will begin to experience symptoms of withdrawal. For these reasons it is extremely dangerous for people to take Lortab in any way other than recommended by a physician. The drug has immense potential for causing both a physical and psychological addiction when it is abused.

Early Warning Signs of Lortab Addiction

There are warning signs that may indicate that a person is headed from Lortab use to a full-blown addiction. These signs are often difficult for a person to see when they are in the midst of their addiction, because they are not looking for them, and they do not believe their drug use is out of their control. Early warning signs of Lortab addiction include the following:

  • Using Lortab in secrecy or not wanting others to know when, how much and how often the drug is used
  • Lying about drug use
  • Needing to take larger doses of Lortab to feel its effects
  • Resorting to lying, stealing or illegally purchasing the drug in order to maintain the habit
  • Having to take the drug to improve or control one’s mood
  • Feeling the need to take the drug in order to relax or calm down
  • Taking Lortab along with other drugs or alcohol
  • Needing to take Lortab to avoid physical withdrawal symptoms
  • Taking more of the drug than planned on
  • Feeling ashamed or regretful after using

Has Your Lortab Use Gotten Out of Control?

The consequences of Lortab addiction can destroy your or your loved one’s life. To put an end to Lortab addiction please call our toll-free helpline now. Our rehab counselors are waiting 24 hours a day to assist you in your recovery. Our counselors are ready to talk and can provide you with as much information as you need. We can help.