Why Finding Funding for Treatment is Worth It

Why Finding Funding for Treatment is Worth ItReceiving professional treatment for drug and alcohol abuse or addiction is not free and is often not cheap either. In many cases the cost of rehab or other treatment services can deter addicts from reaching out and getting the help they need. However, the cost of sustaining a drug abuse habit along with the impending health and medical costs often outweigh the cost of receiving treatment.

The True Cost of Addiction

Luxury.Rehabs.com explains that even though some addicts obtain their drugs through illegal activities such as selling the product in order to receive their own share, the cost of maintaining their health along with other factors often ends up being more than the cost of receiving adequate treatment. Most addicts will exhaust their own personal funds along with any funds they have access to such as children’s college funds to feed their addiction. When personal funds run out they may borrow money from others, take out loans at high interest rates, or steal money from friends, family and even strangers. In addition to the dollar amount actually spent on drugs or alcohol, addicts often experience multiple emergency room visits or overnight stays in jail. The bills surrounding a struggling addict tend to continually pile up with no end in sight.

Rehab Payment Options

Professional treatment certainly comes with a financial cost but the likelihood of reaching sobriety and finally being free from the chains of addiction are worth it. Entering rehab does not always have to come with great personal financial cost, as there are numerous options an addict can explore to find funding. Most rehab facilities also provide financing options that can enable struggling addicts to make payments overtime for their treatment services.

While not all struggling addicts have the luxury of friends or family members that will help pay for addiction treatment, Rehabs.com suggests that it can still be an option for many. Many addicts may be surprised by a friend or family member’s willingness to help pay for professional treatment. Those same friends or family members may have vowed to never loan money to the addict again, but may be more than willing to help the addict receive professional treatment. Working it out as a loan that can be paid back over time may help friends or family members with resources to be even more willing to help out financially. Rehab services can be paid for directly by the friend or family member so they never have to question if the money is going to the right place.

Private financing through a personal financial institution can be another option for covering the full cost of rehab. In most cases, it will only be another small monthly payment, well worth the opportunity to reach sobriety and get healthy once again. Some addicts still own valuable possessions such as boats, pieces of land, homes, or antiques that can all be sold if needed to pay for professional treatment. A possession is never more important than an addict’s own health and well-being. Almost any possession can be sold to the right buyer including sporting gear, music collections, movie or gaming collections, art collections, or any other collections of value. If an addict does not possess any high value item then having a garage sale can help in getting rid of unnecessary items and may bring in money because of the sheer quantity of items being sold.

Insurance Coverage for Addiction Treatment

Most insurance providers provide some sort of coverage for drug and alcohol rehab services that can help offset the total cost of treatment. Many insurance companies require the addict to try outpatient treatment services first, which are significantly cheaper than residential treatment. In some cases, depending on age and location, addicts can apply for government grants that can pay for family based addiction treatment services.

It is important to not let the cost of rehab completely deter you from seeking out treatment before you have exhausted all available funding possibilities. Drug and alcohol abuse and addiction can be life threatening in many cases. Accidental overdoses, suicidal thoughts and attempts, and fatal accidents caused by driving while under the influence are all associated with substance abuse and addiction. The excessive consumption of certain substances can also cause kidney failure, liver failure and even heart failure. Reaching sobriety and beginning a new and healthier life in recovery is worth the cost of professional treatment service.

Need Help Finding Professional Treatment for Substance Abuse or Addiction?

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