Why Recovery Is Better than Lortab Abuse

Why Recovery Is Better than Lortab AbuseLortab makes you feel good. It takes away physical pain and makes you relaxed, calm and even euphoric. You may thinking that taking Lortab is a great solution for dealing for any physical or emotional pain you may be experiencing. You may even believe that you cannot be addicted to the drug because a doctor prescribed it for physical pain. If you are still able to function at work and at home while taking Lortab, you may even think you are not addicted and therefore do not need help. However, you can become addicted to any drug, even if you can carry on with your daily routine. You can become addicted to Lortab even if a doctor prescribed it.

If taking the drug results in such positive feelings, then why stop taking it? There are several reasons getting help for your Lortab use is better than continuing to abuse it.

Recovery is better than Lortab abuse because:

Recovery helps you deal with the problem, not just the symptoms. If you are taking Lortab to take the edge off of stress or to momentarily forget a painful situation, you are only putting a Band-Aid on the problem. Recovery gives you the opportunity to process those difficult situations in healthy way so that you no longer have to take the Lortab for relief.

Recovery gives you the tools to handle life’s problems. Some people take Lortab to deal with stress, anger and frustration. Unfortunately, these emotions don’t go away. They’re just put on hold temporarily. They can even increase because you have to lie or steal in order to maintain your Lortab use. In recovery, you learn how to deal with your emotions in a positive manner.

Recovery gives you the best chance of developing healthy relationships. Likely, your Lortab use has become a source of conflict in some (or all) of your close relationships. You may have even hurt those you love the most as a result of your Lortab abuse. By going through recovery, you offer yourself the best chance to mend those relationships and establish new, healthy ones.

Recovery is cheaper than long-term Lortab addiction. You may think that you cannot afford to get help for your addiction. However, getting treatment will actually benefit you more than continued drug use. Once you go through recovery, you don’t have to worry about losing your job because you failed a drug test. You won’t get arrested for buying Lortab illegally and won’t have to pay the court costs associated with it. You won’t have to pay the medical bills for the damage that Lortab will cause to your body if you take it too much and for too long.

While Lortab use may seem harmless, it’s not. Over time, the drug use will control you and your life. Lortab can also damage your body and your future.

Getting Help For Your Lortab Addiction

If you’re struggling with a Lortab addiction, we’re here to help. You can call our toll free helpline any time, we’re available 24 hours a day. Our admissions coordinators can talk with you about the nature of your addiction and can help you find the best treatment options for your situation. Don’t be deceived by Lortab. Call us today and get the help you need.