Why Won’t My Son or Daughter Stop Taking Lortab on Their Own?

Why Won't My Son or Daughter Stop Taking Lortab on Their Own?It may cause many emotions to watch your child struggle with Lortab addiction. You probably feel sad, upset and maybe even responsible for her drug use. These feelings are quite common for parents, but the frustration that comes with watching the addiction can be overwhelming. Seeing that your child cannot stop herself can be unbearable, as it can be difficult to understand why she doesn’t quit.

Why Do People Keep Using Lortab?

Opiates are some of the most addictive substance in the world, so it can be easy for people to become addicted without them even knowing it. Due to the physical and mental dependency, it can be almost impossible to stop without treatment. The power of addiction comes from the following factors:

  • Brain function – When your child started taking Lortab, his brain started to function differently. As soon as Lortab hit his system, he immediately experienced euphoria, because the drug prompted the brain to produce endorphins. These chemicals make your child experience happy feelings, but as his brain becomes accustomed to this drug, it no longer produces endorphins on its own. This will make your child feel unhappy without using the drug, thus prompting habitual use.
  • Physical function – Lortab addiction can continue for a lifetime, as the withdrawal symptoms associated with detox are so abrasive that many people continue using to avoid these feelings. Your child might want to quit, but when she tries she experience painful withdrawal symptoms, which only encourage her to keep using.

Because addiction is so strong, your child may need help quitting.

How Interventions Help

Since your child may not know how to stop using Lortab, it is important that he has family support to help him find treatment. He may be unable to stop on his own, but with help they have a shot. Interventions offer the following advantages:

  • Support – Many addicts feel isolated from everyone else, so by standing alongside an addict, you can comfort her even if she seems resistant. Going through opiate withdrawal alone can be extremely upsetting, but having an empathetic loved one can boost the chances of success.
  • Enable – Instead of enabling your child to use drugs, you can learn to promote sobriety. This includes communication about addiction, laying down ground rules and telling him how the addiction has damaged you.
  • Therapy – Family interventions can address available treatment methods. By planning to combat Lortab addiction, you can help your child get sober.

The frustration that comes along with your child’s Lortab addiction is completely warranted, as it can be painful to watch her spiral out of control. As she loses self-control, you can help her regain it by helping her get the family help.

Help a Child Who Is Addicted to Lortab

We know how difficult it can be to have a child with an addiction, so call our toll-free, 24 hour helpline to help your child. Do not subject your child to addiction one more day. Call us today and help your loved one.